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Two exercises for greater stability

There are a LOT of ways to build stability - and a nearly endless variety of exercises and modalities. Today, I show you two exercises that I love to build unilateral and core stability and strength.

  1. B-stance squats

  2. Pallof press

Stability can be a big challenge for many bodies - often caused by weakness, injury, or poor mind-body awareness and control. By slowing movements down, focusing on core control, and working with a less-stable foundation (like on an unstable surface or using one leg or staggered stance) we can better discover and address compensations.

B-stance squats are a fantastic modification for people who struggle with unilateral stability and balance. By using your non-working leg as a little kickstand, you can provide a lot of support while still challenging single-sided strength.

Pallof Presses (and unilateral band work in general) are super effective for building core strength - in particular, anti-rotation. I like the added challenge of a staggered stance, but it can be modified to be done in a bilateral standing position, meaning both feet firmly on the ground. Using a lunge position is definitely more advanced.

These two moves (and many other similar stability-focused exercises) make an appearance in the KTN MVMT Method Weekly Workouts - you can check it out for yourself by visiting PROGRAMS.

Or, schedule a time to meet with me virtually or in person in Atlanta by emailing - I'd love to help you feel stronger on your feet.

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