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gain. strength

Strength training for WOMEN.


A 6-week series designed to help women feel more comfortable in the gym. Focusing on on STRENGTH, FORM, & FUNCTION, this program is created and designed specifically for women. NOW LOCATED AT THE gain. GARAGE IN BOULEVARD HEIGHTS. No other gym-goers. No grunting men. Just a group of bad ass women excited to get stronger.

Experience what it feels like to belong in the free weight section.


The fitness class you've been missing

A simple goal

Get comfortable using free weights so you can walk into any box or hotel gym and feel right at home

with purpose

More than a calorie burn - learn the techniques, how's, and why's of strength training

& real support

Enjoy the support and community of a group, with the direction and knowledge of a trainer who has your back


CAPACITY: Spots are limited to FIVE (5) people, so it’s quite intimate. This means you’ll get a very hands-on experience when it comes to form, but you’ll still enjoy the energy of being in a group.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Each session will begin with a mobility & movement prep warm up. Then we’ll tackle the primary movement patterns of the day (think things like squats, deadlifts, pull ups) followed by more unilateral and accessory work. We’ll end with a brief finisher and cool down. This is not a bootcamp-style class, it’s not Crossfit, it’s not OrangeTheory. It’s literally how I program for myself and clients to focus on skills and strength. We’ll also begin and end the series with a super-chill-not-really-a-test benchmark test to see how much stronger we get over the course of 6 weeks, so you’ll have real, measurable results.

CLASS TIMES (all classes 60mins)


  • 6:30am with Coach Erin

  • 5pm (50+) with Coach Katie

  • 6:15pm with Coach Katie


  • 6:30am with Coach Katie

  • 5pm (50+) with Coach Erin

  • 6:15pm with Coach Erin


  • 6:30am with Coach Erin

  • 6:15pm with Coach Katie


  • 6:30am with Coach Katie

  • 6:15pm with Coach Erin

When you pick a day, that's your day. (ex: Monday at 6:30am every week for the next 6 weeks). Additional class drop-in options available, read below.

Series 2: June 24th - August 8th (no classes the week of July 1-5th)



  • Weekly 60-minute sessions programmed and coached by me & coach Erin

  • Group messaging to stay connected, ask questions, check in, etc. in between sessions (for example, you might ask: “Katie, why do my glutes feel so fiery 48 hours after our awesome training session?”)

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED? None. That’s the point! I’ll meet you where you are - this is for any woman who wants to explore, develop, or improve her strength.


One class per week: $270 for all 6 weeks

Payment plan available.

DROP-INS: You can pay to drop-in to any additional class weekly once you have already registered for your night as a gain. strength member, for $25/class. There is a 5 person cap, so these drop-ins may go quickly. You can; also pay to drop-in to class as a non-member, for $35/class. All classes will be limited to 5 people maximum.

FAQ: Can I miss any sessions? Yes - I'd encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible, but ultimately, if you need to miss a few, that's OK! You'll have the programming that you can do on your own if you need it.

HOW TO JOIN: Email with any questions you may have. With limited capacity, we open each series to current members first. Sign up for the waitlist and we’ll send out an announcement when the first round of registration opens June 7, 2024.


Katie effortlessly creates a warm, inclusive, and hilarious training environment that was honestly so much more fun that I ever could have anticipated. I participated in her small group women’s class and was inspired by her ability to individualize for the advanced and the brand new folks all the same. She brings a contagious energy and has an ability to focus on technique and progress in an approachable way for those of us that don’t do this stuff every day. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to level up their training and build community with strong, motivated women


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