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Not your drill-sergeant style coaching.

I don't just tell you what to do. I tell you why you're doing it, so you can take that knowledge with you and continue to practice good habits and patterns.


We'll work together to learn what works for you through every season of life, adapting your program to your stress levels, vacations, schedule, energy level, and even your cycle (if you want).


Wellness is holistic, and you're a real human who deserves a trainer that sees you - not just the meat suit you bring to the gym. This relationship is built on trust, and I'll keep it real with you. Real expectations, real partnership.



Better, together

In-person training designed for your success:

  • Goal-based programming based on your initial and ongoing assessments. Training is collaborative, and your program will change as you do

  • 4- to 6- week phases of programming with intentional progression

  • ​Train with me in person at a fully equipped gym - Training Collective - located at Inman Park in Atlanta.

  • OR, for something even more intimate, train with me in my garage gym in Boulevard Heights. 

  • Includes the option to have additional programmed days that you do on your own so you can scale your number of live sessions per week to fit your budget. (Requires minimum 1 session per week to access additional programming)

  • A program that makes sense for you, your body, equipment, time, and goals. New to working out? Great. It's been a while? Welcome back! Ready to get strong AF? Hell yea, me too..



Invest in your own capacity to live a stronger life.

  • 1:1 session pricing

    • 30 minute session - $70

    • 45 minute session - $100

    • 60 minute session - $115

  • 10-session packages

    • 30 minute sessions - $650

    • 45 minute sessions - $950

    • 60 minute sessions - $1,100

Pricing includes programming for our sessions together, and any solo sessions that you can commit to doing during our time working together.

Not sure about personal training or looking for something more cost effective, join small group classes through gain. - maxed at 5 people per class, it's the best of group fitness and 1:1 training. 

Cancellation Policy: Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged or subtracted from your package.


Tracy S.

Katie's program design is so smart. She tailors my workouts to match my goals and my needs, paying attention to my form and even working around any injuries.


I'm feeling stronger and looking more toned...this is probably the most consistent I've been in years with real strength building so I'm really grateful for your help.

Anna H.

It's honestly the first time I haven't felt judged by a trainer or gym or whatnot if I can't get in a heavy lift workout 5 days a week. I appreciate your support and encouragement!

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