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Move to Feel STRONG

You know what really fucking grinds my gears?

Talking about weight loss.

And before you come at me with “I will feel better when I weigh XXX” — let’s just pause right there. You might feel better if you have less body fat. Or if you are less bloated. Or if you have more lean muscle. Those are real contributing factors to your health.

The number of pounds (or kilos, or stones, or whatever) that you weigh is NOT what makes you a healthy or unhealthy person.

It’s not that simple. And I don't know... maybe the endless loop of weight loss products and sales pitches resonate with you - but they make me feel icky.

Exercise and physical aren't about weight loss. Eating well isn't even about weight loss. It's about your health. It's about the power and joy that comes from feeling good and moving more freely.

We know now - the data TELLS us - that body weight is not an indicator of health. Why is the fitness industry narrative still so caught up in weight loss? What if we focused instead on feeling strong? Or even increased quality of life? More joy? More feeling sexy? More confidence?

Researchers at UCLA & University of Minnesota who evaluated several studies on weight loss: "Across all studies, there were minimal improvements in these health outcomes, and none of these correlated with weight change. "

Meanwhile, the University of California looked at data from 40,000+ participants and found that "Nearly half of overweight individuals, 29% of obese individuals and even 16% of obesity type 2/3 individuals were metabolically healthy. Moreover, over 30% of normal weight individuals were cardiometabolically unhealthy."

I guess my point is that I don’t believe in selling weight loss - I believe in movement, physical activity, and nutrition as tools to promote a happier and healthier life. Regardless of the gravitational force acting on the matter contained by your meat suit 😂


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