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The easiest life-hack for stretching

I'm a little worried you're going to think this was click bait because of how simple it is, but I STAND BY IT.

My one life hack to stretch more...

Sit on the ground more.

It’s also a more high-key life hack for many world populations to increase longevity and maintain mobility (the ability to move) through old age.

Did you know, there’s actually a test that can be used as a decent marker for longevity? It involves getting into and out of a cross-legged position on the floor without using your hands. Think you can handle it?

Aside from getting up and down from the floor being excellent to improve flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance, I’ve found that simply being on the floor means more movement and more inclination toward stretching.

Think about it…

if you’re sitting on the floor, there’s a good chance that your back isn’t supported.

There’s also a good chance that your legs are making more contact with the ground than they would a couch or seat.

Which means you’re more likely to get uncomfortable and need to adjust yourself more frequently.

This in itself - I think - is a good thing! Remember: the body needs lots of diversity in movement. So the more fidgeting we do in our seat to get into a new position, the more we challenge our mobility.

I’ve also found - and this is anecdotal - that when I’m on the floor already, I’m almost unconsciously inspired to stretch. It becomes so much easier to take a hamstring stretch, or a pigeon pose, or twist when I’m already grounded.

So if you’ve been thinking, “I really need to stretch more,” start by watching your evening TV from the floor instead of your couch. Boom. I hope your mind is blown ;) Talk about a big change with very minimal level of effort, which if we're being honest, is all we ever really want in this world.

Hope that helps! Try it out and let me know if it made a difference.

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