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A note on potential

You're the only person who is capable of creating your path.

You set your goals (or don't)

You take the actions (or don't)

You feel aligned with your decisions (or don't)

You can hire as many coaches, take as many courses, follow however many programs,but if you aren't following the path that feels aligned to you, you're risking your potential.

Doing pretty much anything can be about moving toward your potential.

That doesn't mean each effort is going to feel 100%, but it means you're choosing to act in alignment WITH your potential. Make sense?

Being in alignment is where we thrive. It's where we feel good and were we can make the greatest impact.

The number of times I question whether I should be working on lifting heavier, or signing up for more courses, or changing my diet, or, or, or…

Why would I try to teach Olympic weight lifting if that’s not aligned with my expertise?

Why sign up for ANOTHER online webinar that I know I’ll phone in, versus finding opportunities for live, experiential learning?

Why continue to eat foods that make me sleepy, nauseous, or uncomfortable?

Why say “yes” to a meeting or even a friend date that I know will leave me depleted?

Having a “why” helps create a North Star for better-aligned choices. When I make decisions that are rooted in my “why”, I’m able to better show up, better connect, and ultimately, better live to my fullest potential - feeling good, moving well, and saying “not today” to the Sunday scarries 😂

How do I know when I’m out of alignment? Usually, I’m fatigued, irritable, doubtful, bloated, and/or all of the above. Usually it feels like wanting to just take a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day 😬

What’s your “this isn’t right” tell? How do you know you’re out of wack, and what do you do to course correct?

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