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A system to support your transformation

What's your top priority? Did 6 different things just come to mind? Right. Here's the thing: you can only truly prioritize one thing at a time. That's why it's a priority. 

When it comes to your health, your goals - professional or personal - it's so easy to see how many trees there are, and easy to miss the forrest. Whether you're caught up in the hustle, in comparison, in over-achieving, sometimes we need someone to throw us a lifeline and help us plan, execute, and succeed. 

When we work together in a health coaching capacity, we zoom out to see the big picture. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 1 year? 6 months? next week? And what do we need to do to get there - step by doable step? 

We set goals. We break those down into action steps you will want to implement. You'll be held accountable, and you'll be pushed to succeed. Why? Because you deserve to invest time and energy in your health and happiness.

What's included?

  • This is a 6-month commitment. That means you get ongoing support through all the seasons that a 6-month program has to offer.

  • Two 45-minute zoom calls each month.

  • Goal-setting, mindfulness exercises, and learning more about yourself than you ever thought you could over the course of 6 months of practice.

  • Ongoing support via text and email. 

  • An initial assessment and benchmark check-ins. 

  • Resources and references specific to your needs. This could be books, podcast recommendations, articles, grocery lists, or other tactile support.


$1,200 for 6 months

There's something to be said about making an investment in yourself. 

There's a science to knowing that you're accountable to yourself. This isn't a "cheap" opportunity because YOU are valuable.

An investment helps you stay present. It helps you show up - and if you do nothing else, it's important that you show up to our sessions :) 


What's stopping you?

And are you ready to tackle it?

Make the decision to change your own life. Start your health coaching journey today.

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