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With a mission of making health and fitness accessible and part of your busy lifestyle, we can work together in person or online.


1:1 Coaching

(In Person or Virtual)

Coaching is a deeply customized, hands-on, and individual experience. The time we spend together is catered to your specific goals, and coaching can be focused on personal training or health coaching. Personal training involves movement programming and execution, while health coaching is more geared toward understanding your blocks and barriers and designing a lifestyle strategies for success that you can actually adhere to. Learn about personal training and health coaching.


  • 30 minute session - $65

  • 45 minute session - $95

  • 60 minute session - $110


Online Coaching & Custom Programming

(Virtual, self-paced)

Online coaching is for the self-motivated person who is willing to get themselves to the gym, but needs a plan and guidance. This is a custom movement program that is designed by me, and executed by you. We'll work together to discuss your goals, and I'll design a workout plan that makes sense for your life - time, equipment, travel, everything. Learn about custom programs here.

Price: $120/month


KTN MVMT Weekly Workouts

(Virtual, self-paced)

This is a low-cost option for a progressive workout plan for busy people. Every workout is designed to be able to be done in under 45 minutes, with minimal equipment - alternate suggestions are offered for folks working out at home. Workouts change every 4 weeks, so you get a month to progress and push yourself - that's how changes are made! Learn more here.

Price: $20/month


Let's Work Together

Not sure where to start? Email me at or submit an application and I'll help you decide on a plan that makes the most sense for you! 

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