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Benefits of Practicing Loaded Carries

Why you should pick heavy things up and put them down again: carrying edition

When I talk about not just doing crunches as core work, this is not NOT what I mean 😉

Load carrying is a phenomenal full body exercise that challenges core stability AND BONUS: grip strength!

Plus it’s really freaking applicable to life (like when you’re proving a point by carrying all the groceries in on one trip 💪)


  • Load carrying exercises are foremost: really dope and productive for core strength. They are also stellar for upper and lower body strength.

  • Carrying exercises will translate to better performance in other exercises because they create head-to-toe tension, creating a strong mind-body connection.

  • They improve grip strength, which means being able to lift MORE.


  • Add lighter carries to the top of your workout for a warmup, or

  • Add heavier carries to the end as a finisher

If you've been sleeping on carries, think again!

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