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3 things I changed for better workouts

3 things I changed to start feeling better about my workouts:

1. Prioritize owning my ranges of motion before loading them. If I can’t control a full depth squat, you bet your ass I’m not about to load 125lbs on my back and try to get ass to grass. Mobility is key here.

2. Swap a cardio warm up for dynamic warm ups with activation. I want the muscles that tend to barge in and take over to take a damn seat, and the lazy muscles to wake up. Muscle length, activation, and strength is really about the central nervous system 🧠

3. Take rest. Between heavy sets. Between intense workouts. I used to be the person who thought time not moving was time wasted. I was super setting heavy back squats with jump squats and core work. There’s a time and a place for super-setting power moves, but it’s not EVERY workout ALL THE TIME. And rest is still a critical component to the program.

Right now I train typically 3x a week. I practice yoga and challenge myself in my end ranges. I take rest days. I set a timer between sets to remind myself to rest. And I’m not feeling pain as often, or even the fear of pain.

The biggest difference is feeling like I’m ready for each lift, prepared for each move, and have room to challenge myself without injury 🤷‍♀️

Do you know how long you rest during your workouts? Do you have a sense for what’s optimal? Does your ego keep you moving? Let’s discuss :)

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