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The no-nonsense, judgement-free fitness zone you've been looking for.

Online & in-person fitness.

In-person, in Atlanta


1:1 Personal Training

In-person training located at Training Collective in Inman Quarter, or at your home or gym. Get hands-on coaching, form corrections in real time, and the opportunity to commit more to yourself.


Women's Strength Program

A women's-only group strength training class that's purposeful, educational, and designed to help you succeed. Individual attention with a cool community vibe.

Hands-on support, anywhere in the world


Programming unique and custom to your needs, 100% designed with you in mind. Weekly check ins, online. Get instruction and track your work on my Trainzerize app. The perfect solution if you love working out on your own time, but you need accountability, direction, and a little extra 'oomph'


Workouts you can do on your own



I program your workouts, you do the work. App-based subscription with progressive workouts that update every month. Train anywhere, in under 45 minutes. $20/month.



A yoga practitioner's guide to why strength matters, how it can change your practice, and where to start. 6-week program with minimal equipment.

Rebecca Hundere, GA

Katie effortlessly creates a warm, inclusive, and hilarious training environment that was honestly so much more fun that I ever could have anticipated. I participated in her small group women’s class and was inspired by her ability to individualize for the advanced and the brand new folks all the same. She brings a contagious energy and has an ability to focus on technique and progress in an approachable way for those of us that don’t do this stuff every day. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to level up their training and build community with strong, motivated women ✨✨

Need more help?


I'm Katie


My job is to teach busy humans the tools the need to move well and support their lives. I specialize in: designing programs that help busy folks establish consistency, helping bodies safely return to or start exercising, and balancing the gritty details with the big picture.

I'm a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and health coach with a corporate background, so I know how it feels to hustle - that's why I'm so passionate about creating programs and resources to help busy people access more movement and healthy choices.

I'm a dog mom who loves strength training and vinyasa yoga. I love to rock out to pop punk throwbacks, visit coffee shops, and occasionally throw a punch on a heavy bag.

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